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Company Principles

The word principle in a scam-ridden internet might be a bit of a standing joke. Apparently, it is possible to duplicate the speech patterns of a former President just by using artificial intelligence. The comparison videos showed left no stone unturned in confusing people. While that is happening on the side, there are a few of us who believe in the powers of the internet. We firmly believe that we need to give people a trustworthy service that they can use without hesitation.

Our core company principles are

Build trust

Create safe, quick, and effective communication tools

Build a community

The hardest part for us has been to build trust as well as to sustain the initial momentum. As a technology company, it has been difficult for us to convince our customers that we are here for good and we have no intention of scamming them. Our idiot-proof tools ensure that even the least computer and internet savvy person can handle our technology add-ons.
We never really thought that the internet would take over our lives the way it has. We were quite happy with selling our fax machines and also upgrading our customers from time to time. However, the internet threw all of that into a tizzy. It was our principles that held us in good stead.

If it wasn’t for our strong foundation, we would never have been able to smoothly transition from analog to digital. As a company that is focused on and motivated by innovation, it became imperative for us to make sure that the people who use our products and services are getting the best of everything  - best of service, best of products, best of the internet.
Join us as we prove to the world that it is possible to run a big company but with the heart of a family enterprise!