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An Insight Into Internet Fax

The world of telecommunications has seen a change since the internet came about. Instant messaging and chat rooms slowly gave way to voice calls, video calls, and so on using the internet as the means to convey the audio and video messages. The internet brought about such a huge change in communications that it has rendered useless traditional means of communicating such as telephones.

How Fax Works?

A facsimile works simply by means of using the phone line to send and receive important communications. A fax machine (which can scan and read printed communications) dialed a number to which the fax needs to be sent and would send the necessary communication ( it could be anything from an invoice to a legal power of attorney). The sent fax would be received by another fax machine which will read the data being sent and print it out on an A4 sized sheet of paper. Depending on the age of the machine, the received fax would usually need to be photocopied because the ink used in fax machines tended to fade away quite easily. In the absence of a functional and non-busy phone line, it was impossible to send and receive faxes.

The Internet Fax

Thanks to globalization, workplaces have become more global. They are no longer insular with overseas employees traveling once in a while to go and check out what their overseas counterparts are doing. Instead, the modern workplace has no time zone restrictions nor does it comply with the 9-to-5 standard. Everyone is working at all given times of the day across oceans! Thanks to the internet, the possibility of communicating across such huge geographical divides became a non-issue. When longer communications are exchanged between people – be it communications of a professional nature or personal – using the internet to communicate dramatically reduces costs and makes the whole thing more efficient.


This is how internet fax works

Both sender and receiver machines must be compliant with internet fax A hard copy is converted into a digital friendly format like .PDF or .TIFF and is attached to a mail in an MME format.

Using the internet connection present in the location of the sender, the now-digitized communication is sent across via the TCP/IP protocol. These communications can be sent via intranet as well as internet – so long as both machines are compatible with the online fax.

Internet fax and IP fax are completely different things. Despite the immediate association with the internet, an IP fax does not imply an internet fax being sent out.

While both types of faxes require machines that are connected to a network, the key difference is in the kind of connection the fax is transmitted over.

In the case of an internet fax, the connection needed is an internet connection (can be accessed via Wi-Fi or a DSL cable. In the case of an IP fax, two IPs which are connected to a LAN or a WAN network can send communications to each other using the existing infrastructure.


This kind of communicating greatly reduces company costs since inter and intra-departmental communications can take place over the office network without incurring additional utility bills and without having to worry about the security and encryption of sensitive company information.

A lot of people confuse IP fax wit internet fax and while it can be a little overwhelming to remember these things, it is best to understand that evolving communication is all a part of evolution. With the multiple ways and means available to us to communicate, the thought of having to send a cumbersome fax might seem like too much.

However, the use of the internet has economized the whole process of sending faxes! The internet has incorporated a certain ease of use to many people when it comes to communicating, the press of a button allows you to record messages and send it to your friend.

You can send everything from photos to videos to little vignettes of your life by paying only for the internet connection and nothing else.

This practice of using the internet to communicate has made it easy for people to connect with each other and communicate.